Friday, January 30, 2009

Energy Healing

We are each filled with universal life force energy. This is the essence of our being, our consciousness, our souls. Given that the flow of energy, life force is moving to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, can become imbalanced, stagnant or blocked. We have experienced what is called dis-ease. Diseases, such as word suggests, is to alleviate the shortage. It is the inability of one life force energy to flow freely.

The disease is a reaction to imbalanced life force energy in the physical, emotional or spiritual body. This imbalanced energy can manifest as physical problems, as well as life patterns and cycles that keep us growing. The disease may manifest in the physical body in the form of headache, back pain, arthritis or cancer. It may be reflected in the emotional body in the form of anger, anger, phobias, depression and hatred. It can also be reflected in the spiritual body that is as narrow-mindedness, disrespect for life and nature, or materialism.

Allows to look at the concept of disease from a different perspective. Visualize your life force energy as a fast stream. It will flow path of least resistance. If a large stone is placed in the center of the river, water is going to depart and return around the stone blocking its path. Stream flow has deviated from its natural path and became unbalanced.

If the first time you felt invalidated, a large stone was placed in a stream, the impact on the flow of energy may not be very large. However, if you have invalidated the block again to get yet another larger stone is added to the stream. Your vitality and energy must be different yield even get around even more blockage. These blockages can grow instance-by-instance, cycle-by-cycle, stone after stone, lifetime after lifetime, until the body is beginning to show these issues as not easy.

For some of these imbalances were present from early childhood, or past life. Changing these imbalances would change the very basis of the world around them, their sense of self. For others, the level of denial in which I know that something is wrong, but does not belong to them. There is another, which can these differences in their physical, emotional and spiritual organizations, and yet you are not sure how, or have difficulty with, the release of stagnant energy, allowing them to bring to life the required changes.

Each of us has the possibility to use energy healing to heal yourself of disease. The easiest to say, but it is very difficult to do is just let go. Keep the body, mind and spirit, to release all the energy that is the economy. This can then return to its natural place of balance and harmony. This is not easy for us to do.

There are many methods can be used to release energy, which is not in accordance with our highest good. Entertainment is the easiest way to get stagnant energy flowing again. Look at what is happening around you and find some amusement in it. Enjoy the relaxation you experience with great fun. If that does not work, including meditation techniques, any physical activity, creative expression, such as art, and tasks as simple as washing dishes or raking leaves are excellent tools we employ to release energy.

Another way to eliminate blocks is the idea of Reiki. Reiki is a form of hands-on-healing. "Reiki" means "universal life-force energy." During Reiki healing, healing energy brought from space via the hands of a healer is transmitted to the person to be healed. The healer works the whole body of clearing stagnant energy. Reiki is an excellent tool to use, especially when dealing with physical problems, and that it shall be treated on the cellular level.

The aura / chakra clearing another way of life forces flowing energy. The aura / chakra clearing is a form of clairvoyant healing. The chakras, or energy centers in the body are common place where their life-force energy can become unbalanced. Chakras are like holes in the camera that open and close. Under physiological conditions, chakras, where there are groups of nerves meet to form the nerve center. They are also linked to endocrine gland system, which includes the adrenal gland, thyroid and pituitary.

In a healthy body, each layer is aura is bright, energetic, full of energy and flow. When one of the energy becomes imbalanced, stagnant or blocked, the aura can have the impression that they are discolored, ripped, torn, or be dented. The chakras, in a healthy body should also be clear, vibrant and full of energy. They should be about the look and rotates clockwise. When afflicted may chakras cracked, deformed, or harmonize with them. If there is an imbalance in one of the layers of the aura, or one of the chakras, may have a direct impact on the data processed.

During the session, energy healing, healer will appear directly on the aura and chakras. In May healer sew cracks and tears in the aura and the aura to get running again. In addition, deformed chakras need to be reshaped and cracks filled. Chakras, which are on the move must be set in motion. Although approval of aura and chakras, the healer may also describe the types of energy, which are facing. This energy may seem like the color, feeling, or an image. According to the information provided, which now have a conscious understanding of what the economy to energy to enable them to mobilize and give them permission to positive changes in their lives.

Medical Intuitive healing, as the name suggests, is another form of clairvoyant healing. In this type of healing session, healer may look at things such as muscle and skeletal health, glands and organs, and the level of toxins in the body, as well as other specific health problems. Healer, you can also look at emotional issues, life patterns, and physical injuries suffered in past lives.

There is much medical intuitive solutions during the healing session. These include (but are not limited to) clearing energy aura and chakras, organs and glands. A qualified medical intuitive healer can also help healing after surgery or an accident, helping to reduce pain, such as that experienced with headache and assist in deprogramming reoccurring emotional problems such as abuse, fear and control. This may include physical, mental or emotional trauma, which have been experienced in the past life, which are re-issues (karma) at present.

As with all therapeutic techniques, however, energy healer can only help to restore balance to our life-force energy. We must be willing to release stagnant energy to the experience touches on the physical, emotional or spiritual level. It is this energy release, which allows to start the process of healing.

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